About us

Mr Hien started this journey 35 years ago as an ordinary farmer. Over years he developed with the help of his family and the guidance of professional bodies in fruit industry. Hien is always looking to improve his knowledge of agronomy.

With many years specializing in growing rambutan, longan and coconut he finally established Global Fresh Fruit Co., Ltd (G.F.F) to export directly to client from his pack-house in Ben Tre.

G.F.F is proud to support it’s local community, giving work, knowledge and welfare, which G.F.F sees as important for the future of Vietnam. It also offers guidance to other farmers who wish to join this enthusiastic business. G.F.F is always considering the consequences of its actions in the field and pack-house.

Three main products: rambutan, coconut and longan are certified Global Gap from our own farms (No Agents or Traders). Giving you the customer total traceability from farm to your warehouse.

We are 100% confident with the quality and standards achieved. We welcome the opportunity to prove to you that G.F.F meets and surpasses it’s competitors.

We are that confident, we would welcome you to Vietnam to inspect.

Our factory is located at material area. We own Global Gap certified farms (20 hectares of rambutan, 10 hectares of longan and 10 hectares of young coconut) and have good relationship with other farms. We commit to supply fresh products with high quality to customers.

Good knowledge of material and market helps us have good support to customers. We can supply different packing types according to customer's requirements.

With the packing house meeting SMETA standards (2700 m2) and the farms certified GLOBAL GAP, our products could reach all markets even strict markets as Australia, USA, Europe, Japan,..

Last but not least we believe in the result of long-term efforts, we have commitment to our service and product quality.

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